Same color, different hues, on YOU.

: This years fall shows were full of diverse runways with clothes that are so exuberant for autumn. It’ll be a mash up of summer, spring, and winter, colliding together and inspiring outfits for this fall.

Everyone’s heard of color blocking; where you find colors that are able to complement each other and use them in an outfit. Well, an unspoken rule until lately is beginning to appeal lovers of fashion. Using the same color palette. You thought neon screamed, BOOM? Well slap your knee silly, because using the same color but in different hues is going to be the “it” factor this fall. What once was a no, no is now a big YES.

Versace played it up this year in their, Spring/Summer & Fall/Winter shows. As well recently the delightful Katy Perry decided to try her hand at it too; at this year’s MTV VMA’s while introducing a performance by Adele.

It can be sophisticated, quirky, and attractive. Pick a color and test its different hues on you!

-Amrit Gill

For XO Magazine