XO MAGAZINE catches up with Tom of the Plain White T’s before they head out on their North American Tour. 

Congrats on the success Rhythm of Love seems to be having. Over one million copies sold! As well as the success of Boomerang.

Thank you! Really appreciate that!

How does the new album differ from the older ones? 

As far as sound I feel like a theme was in mind rather than JUST writing lyrics. Writing wise it was conceptual. We were trying to convey that message of being honest. Like in the past we would write and then pick our favorite ones and then record them and that was the new album. I think there is also a lot of feeling in the album. We thought, how do we get people to feel excited for the new album? We wanted to think about a moment in their childhood? We wanted to be honest, matter, and it made sense to sing about things that were real. 

What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

Hopefully, the idea that we’ve always been writing from the heart. We want our songs stuck in your head. Also that lyrically it touches you or is somehow relatable to you.  

I know you’re going to be doing tour dates with Never Shout Never! How did you guys decide on touring together?

Booking agent brought it to the table. I’m not sure who came up with it, I don’t know. I’m a fan of his work though. I just love that dude. His rock and punk sound and his screw everything else I’m making music I like attitude. I’m very excited for this and to actually see him perform his work live.  

Do you listen to any music to get pumped up for a show?

I’m a HUGE Panic! At the Disco fan! Their last two albums and the newer one, Vices & Virtues are great! Also listen to The Strokes, they can do no wrong. Some Beatles, The Beach Boys, and even some Nirvana.

 Is there a certain song that you guys just love to play onstage? 

I would say Boomerang, that’s a fun song and a couple more off the new album. Mostly new songs are probably the most fun for us and the fans. Songs that maybe they haven’t heard before. I know there will be a few we will be playing that haven’t been heard.   

Did you guys have any older songs from previous albums on the tours set list? 

We might be throwing a few in there. Actually I’m not sure if it’s on our website yet, but fans will be able to choose the set list. I’m not even sure if I’m supposed to be saying this yet haha, but each night for each individual city, we will ask what song they would like to hear and they vote. Songs like stop, sad story, and last call. Whichever wins we will play but, it gives the fans to be a part of the show. 

Where are you most excited to perform that you haven’t already?

There really isn’t not any place on this tour list that we haven’t played. We always have a great time in places like LA, our first tour with Jimmy Eat World was actually at the LA theater. We love playing in our home town that’s always a blast.

What’s maybe a song that you really like that might surprise your fans?

One of my favorites that I always request and listen to is “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira. Haha Don’t tell anyone about it. 

Any plans after touring?

There are a few ideas floating around for us.  Working music, so a new album. Always working on new material and new ideas.  We might even be giving away stuff out for free. Even maybe free albums. Again these are just ideas that are floating around for us.  

Well Tom I’d like to thank you for everything and wish you luck on tour.

Thank you. I hope to see everyone come out on one of our tour dates!  

-Interview by Geraldine Sanchez for XO Magazine