MUSIC | 5 minutes with Swim Deep


Swim Deep is an upcoming band from Birmingham with four members, who we believe, offer a fresh, new pop sound to the music scene in 2012. Read their interesting story about how the guys met,what inspired them to start playing music and what inspires their sound today.How did it all start? How did you meet? Higgy and I met when we were working stacking shelves in the ready meals isle in Morrisons. I noticed he still had his wristband on from Reading Festival so guessed he was cool. So we decided to start a band so we didn't have to stack shelves in Morrisons anymore. We met Cav on the dance floor , he didn't play bass but we asked him to join the band because he looks so good. And we met Zach outside a strip club in Wallsall.

Who or what inspired you to start making music? It was a substitute teacher in reception, I was really young. He brought a guitar in, I'd never seen one before, we all just gathered round and watched him play. I remember noticing how the girls all watched him.

What influence your sound and lyrics? I'm mainly influenced by the weather, by the sun. There is a lot of escapism in our music and lyrics, and that comes from not wanting to stack shelves.

So you’re going on tour with Spector, what are you most excited about? Have you meet the members of Spector before? Well we just finished the tour, the last date is tomorrow. It’s been incredible, everything we dreamt a tour would be. We knew them from before, we've played with them a few times. We're all best mates now though.

What can people expect from your live shows? You have to buy a ticket and come find out.

What’s been the highlight for you so far? Birmingham on the Spector tour was amazing. We hadn't played there for such a long time and it was incredible to see that many people going nuts to every song. We have a great following in Birmingham, which obviously means the world to us.

What's next for you? Next we go on tour for a few dates with the Mystery Jets who are one of our favourite bands. After that we're off to Brussels with our boy Charlie Huggal to record our debut album. We can't wait. We're doing our first headlining tour in February and then off to SXSW.

Words & Interview |  Carita Ringsing