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We got the chance to chat with the wild, fun and British girl band, Fake Club.
We asked them about their new upcoming album, tour and what inspires them as a band.

Why should people check you out?
We think we’re a band that no one has seen before, like we’re quite new. We think we’re doing something really fun and our live shows are hopefully really, really intense. So come down to our shows because hopefully you’ll have a really good night.

Why the name Fake Club?
We call us Fake Club to remind ourselves to keep it real! It’s our little catchphrase.

When I first heard your music I felt like it was the 90’s again. What or who was your inspiration when you first started?
We all grew up in the 90’s so we definitely got 90’s influences. Musically our influences come from Red Hot Chili Peppers, some of the more old school rock bands like Led Zeppelin to the more modern stuff like Queens of the Stone Age. Big rock bands, big powerful rock bands.

I’ve heard that you’re working on a new album is that true?
Yeah, just before Christmas we went into the studio, we had another six days to put out our second album. So we got another album ready to go.

When can we expect it to be out?
We’re not sure yet. We still got number one to come out, but we might release some EP’s first, and we have a new single coming out at the end of this month called ‘’Over and over’’.
We just basically got a collection of songs, and then talk to people like you. We just want to put music out, play it and have fun with it and when it feels right to put an album out, we’ll put an album out.

What’s your writing process like?
We love it. A lot of the time it involves getting a couple of bottles of wine and just having a jam.  And out of that comes the bone of a song and we work on that. And there’s a lot of crap, we turn to write more than we need to, but then we can pick the real jams and the really good songs.

What are your songs about? What goes through your mind when you write them?
Lots of different stuff. The most important thing for us is talking about things that mean something and every song that we write needs to be either positive messaged or saying something interesting. I think these days something bands don’t focus on so much anymore, are writing songs which is socially aware of the world that we live in. Our songs are also very personal to us, we write a song because we need to write a song, we need to play our instrument and get something out of our system. We’re not writing music because we think there needs to be another song in the world, we write a song because we need to write a song and it’s part of who we are.

Words| Carita Ringsing

Check out their new video for ‘Over and over’ below!