MUSIC | Line Forms At the Front.


She’s changed her name but her depth remains the same.

From Ivana XL to Eddi Lines to her most recent persona - Eddi Front (real name Ivana Carrescia) she just might be the Golidlocks of new music. And perhaps, she’s found the name to suit her and her recent exploration into music.

“I can’t really remember a time when music wasn’t in my life.", says the artist. And after a period of uncertainty and giving art school a try at Savannah College of Art and Design, she returned to New York eager to create music. And so she did.

“I put out whatever I could. Constantly. I gave away so much free music it was crazy." But with the aid of management - she began to work towards a career. “It’s a long road. And sometimes- a lot of time you come across less than trustworthy people. But you learn who to steer clear of. It can be difficult being a female in this industry. But more and more than ever - women hold strong positions in music."

With tracks like the popular Gigantic and the following track, Texas, Eddi Front is constantly compared to that other sultry singer Lana del Rey. But she is less seductive per se- but highly rhythmic. Complete with instrumental construction played by Eddi herself, her roots in classical music are thanks to her father’s experience as a conductor in the genre.

With songs like ‘Gigantic’, Eddi’s music contains a vastness it’s hard to put your finger on. It seems as though the strength of the song relies only the somber keys from a piano and Eddi’s voice. There’s is a darkness within Eddi Front - perhaps a side she doesn’t show in the real world - her songs haunt you and she carries influence from artists (like Nick Cave and Cat Power) who have displayed the same quiet, somewhat sad exuberance. Lets hope in time and with experience, we see different facets, perhaps even personalities of her undeniable talent.

Words | Moeima Dukuly