MUSIC | Get down with Triple Hex's gritty new EP.


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In each major city in the world, exists a beating heart and an undeniable rhythm that personifies its identity. But in THE city, New York City, the sirens, the noise on the pavement, the murmur of cars - down to even the whistle of the wind create a symphonic soundtrack of the street.  Triple Hex’s release of E.P. with dark vibrating riffs and frontman Dave Hex’s throaty vocals that easily draw comparison to Lou Reed, Nico or even dare I say it, Ziggy Stardust- beckons the question if the beating heart of a New York long past lives and breathes again.

Released at the start of the new year, by Mon Amie Records, E.P. was recorded and produced by Matt Verta Ray and in six tracks you get a heady hollow sort of lusty dizzy feeling – perfect for a mescaline trip a la Fear and Loathing. All treated with a lo-fi love and lyrics that give no fucks no matter the subject matter: be it love or just life in general.  Leading with the first track, Winter, Dave Hex breathes ‘sink my teeth into the flesh’, and gives us guttural drawls that ooze into midtempo guitar strums. In Love Song, Hex writes the anti love song and growls simply “I don’t want any love songs, I just wanna fuck” even adding “bring a friend, we’ll make it three”.
The tracks are heavy with rhythm and though all six can respectively stand alone and bear its own character, the question looms if they really work as a team.  E.P. at the end of the day may play hard and go well as a short set list of an impromptu gig somewhere in Brooklyn, but lacks the strength to bring a cohesive understanding as to what its about and standing for. Or perhaps that’s just the point and Hex just wants to suck it all up, blurt it all out and leave you feeling dirty, a little used and confused as to why you could use a little (or a lot) more.  It all reads of what is now old New York: stained, torrid with a defiant sort of pride that startles many, baffles most, yet begs to be gazed at.

Words | Moeima Dukuly