Words | Lola Odetola  

When one thinks of Parisian fashion they may think of chic, simplicity, nautically inspired. This fashion week definitely broke all  of those stereotypes. There were many amazing rule-breakers that showed avant-garde looks that excited the whole crowd.

My favorite shows were mainly ones where there was a heavy concentration on structure and texture. The shows that grabbed my attention and kept it all the way through were the ones that truly shocked us as an audience.


XOJunyaWatanabe1 XOJunyaWatanabe2 XOJunyaWatanabe3 XOJunyaWatanabe4

Junya Watanabe’s show this season showcased a parade of beautifully patterned denim patchwork designs. The textures really drew me in and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the show. The most interesting pieces for me were the patchwork jackets and the graphic patterned t-shirts.

Though there was a lot going on in each look it wasn’t overwhelming visually. Chief colors were royal blues, navy blues, and greys. Though there were no bright colors in this show but that didn’t mean the show wasn’t exciting. By taking the focus off a loud color palette, the viewer was forced to pay more attention to the shapes and lines being showed. The person who shops the Junya Watanabe collection this season is after a clean cut and classic look with a twist.


XOUndercover1 XOUndercover2 XOUndercover3 XOUndercover4

Undercover’s collection this S/S is cutting edge. The color blocking and lettering on the garments gave an 80’s retro vibe to this presentation.  Oversized coats with clean lines reigned with a few graphic T-shirts that looked fun and playful to balance out all of the strength of the structured coats.

The color palette was mostly warm. Reds, yellows, browns, greens and grays. The colors seem like they wouldn’t go together but the unpredictable juxtaposition that made it work so seamlessly. The man who wears Undercover this season is youthful and doesn’t take himself too seriously. The pieces all scream and shout “SUMMER!” which was much needed this fashion week.


XOYohjiYamamoto2 XOYohjiYamamoto3 XOYohjiYamamoto4 XOYohjiYamamoto5


[gigya src="http://vds.rightster.com/v/01z02a5ex2qnn3" width="640" height="389" allowFullScreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always"]


Yohji Yamamoto’s show was quite dream like. From the set to the models to the lighting to the garments. Everything worked so well together to create this other worldly realm where the textures are blended and the fabrics are luscious. The most important looks from this particular show were the  denim button downs and open coats so detailed and well made.

This was a really interesting touch that I hadn't seen in any other show. The layers and unorthodox silhouettes were such a highlight. Looks were put together to look disheveled and unkempt giving a rough vibe to the whole show.