On a wispy Wednesday evening last week we caught veteran garage rockers The Kills at the Granada. At their live shows one can always feel the electricity in the air, the anticipation of fans dying to see the dynamic duo behind hits like U R A Fever, Heart of a Dog and Baby Says, the brief moment of truth where the opener ( Kim + the Created were fabulous by the way - more on them on the blog soon!) finishes and you know who are up next all these things give off such a lively energy that can only be found with the Kills. At 10:15 pm sharp out walk Jaime and Alison, clearly surprised by the amount of love in the room - to be honest Dallas has been starved for a Kills show for awhile ; who open their set with Heart of a Dog, off their new album Ash and Ice.  During their hour and a half set they blaze through crowd favourites like URA FEVER and Sour Cherry, deep cuts such as Goodnight Bad Morning, Pots and Pans and new classics like Whirling Eye and Impossible Tracks. Speaking of Impossible tracks, they just released a new music video for the track which you can check out below! 

🌀WHIRLING EYE 🌀 @thekills

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