This summer we got a chance to hang and shoot with actor and comedian Tony Cavalero and haven’t stopped laughing since! No seriously have you seen his snapchat? His story nearly always features funny behind the scenes moment from his various projects and original skits. This year we got to see Tony as Dewey Finn on Nickelodeon's breakout show School of Rock, we totally fell in love with his surfer, Dazed and Confused take on Dewey, the character made famous of course by Jack Black in the film! In Between seasons you can catch him in Groundlings’ latest production THE HOOK UP APP. Directed by Jordan Black, the show moves at a blistering fast and fun pace featuring 14 skits in 2 hours! Tony’s FriendsinISIS skit (just the name alone makes it seem like this could go terribly wrong) is hilarious and breath of fresh air all things considered with the whole Isis/terrorism fear going around. It's a light take on a heavy subject. The show runs through November 16  and is definitely one to put on your radar. Tickets are available at http://groundlings.com